Accra travel guide – Where to eat in Accra

In this blog post I share my top tips for dining out in central Accra

When I first arrived in Accra, I spent almost a week with my uncle and aunt in a hilly town called Abokobi-Boi eating an array of Ghanaian foods. These are the dishes I grew up eating but eventually drifted away from slightly as I became obsessed with trying food from different cuisines and cultures once I went to university. Most Ghanaian dishes take a while to make, at least when you make them authentically, and so I found that when rushing around as a university student, and later when I entered the world of work, I did not prioritise time to make these dishes from my youth. Every time I got to eat a dish in Ghana that I had eaten back home in London as a child I felt as though I was experiencing a warm hug. It felt like I was being blanketed and embraced by an assortment of savoury, spicy and sweet delights. There is something (or indeed many things) about having food in the country it comes from that makes it taste a lot better. The ingredients in Ghana are often very fresh and organic which helps, but besides this there are some ingredients that you need for Ghanaian food that you can’t get in London – even in the most cosmopolitan areas with thriving Ghanaian communities.

I ate some very delicious Ghanaian meals courtesy of my aunt like groundnut (peanut) soup, red red stew with a boiled egg and of course jollof rice and chicken. Unfortunately, my aunt’s kitchen is currently not open to the general public so I will be recounting my foodie adventures with my sister in Accra, after we spent three days in Cantonments: one of Accra’s most stylish neighbourhoods. I only had a few days here and so there are many restaurants that I did not have the time to visit, however, I have listed them below as I have heard nothing but positive reviews and so they should definitely go on your list!


CK. 1

Café Kwae

This lovely, cosy little spot in Airport City has a fantastic brunch menu as well as coffee and cake on offer. I had French toast with a smoothie and shared a fruit bowl with my sister. The papaya and pineapple fruit salad tasted delicious and much better than any tropical produce that you will get in the UK.


This space is in the shopping district of Accra named Osu. Not only does it offer a great brunch menu complete with fresh juices, but it also doubles as a co-working space. I saw many an expat and “Afropolitan” working away on their MacBook Pros at tables outside while I enjoyed my delicious plate of food in the air-conditioned interior.

CCL. 5-2

Coco Lounge

Coco Lounge is a restaurant and evening lounge designed with millennials in mind. The stylish interiors look amazing in the daylight and at nighttime. They also provide the perfect backdrop for getting your obligatory “Instagrammable” pics. The food and drink are also on point so coming here during a visit to Accra is a no-brainer.

XO. 4-2


XO is a glorious restaurant which brings together flavours and dishes from East Asia and South East Asia; offering everything from pad thai to sushi and much more. The produce is fresh and delicious and the interiors, much like those of Coco Lounge, really come alive at night but are also stunning during the day. The space is filled with rose gold fixtures and touches of pink cherry blossoms. They also have an extensive and impressive cocktail menu which makes it the perfect spot to relax with friends and family.

Lord of the Wings

My sister and I came here when we were craving some fast food (you can take the girl out of London…) and it did not disappoint. This restaurant has a few locations around the world; the branch I visit was located about a seven-minute Uber drive away from where we were staying in Cantonments. If you need a quick fast food fix and want to sample a variety of marinades and sauces to go with your wings, look no further.

Below are a few restaurants I did not get around to visiting but which I heard amazing things about.

Chez Clarisse – an Ivorian restaurant which offers a variety of delicious dishes, including plates of grilled tilapia fish and chicken with an assortment of colourful and flavourful side dishes.

Buka – a Ghanaian restaurant selling staple Ghanaian dishes such as red red stew, fufu and kelewele

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